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$25+$10 (shipping/handling included)
$25 (shipping not included)

Unisex available.
Shirt made with Recycled Jersey (65% Recycled Cotton and 35% RPET Recycled Polyester) by Royal Apparel.
Printed with water-based ink by Ink Forest.
Design by Deke Weaver

We sold out of the whale shirts at our CETACEAN (The Whale) show but I’m doing one more custom shirt-printing! So, if you want one I need your order by November 15th. I will only be making this order and then the whale shirts dive down into the inky depths never to be seen again … unless, you know, you’re wearing one.

Timing: Once I make the big order with Ink Forest on Nov 15th, they order the shirts from Royal Apparel, Royal Apparel ships them to Ink Forest, Ink Forest prints the whales on the shirts, and then they send them down to me. I should have them by December 11th. And then I’ll send your shirt(s) to you … or, if you live in CU, we can find a time for you to pick them up. Slowwwww fashion, right? Well, at least slower.

60% of the price goes towards the cost of the shirt, printing, shipping.
20% of the price goes to to organizations such as Ocean Alliance whose mission is to protect whales and their ocean environment through research, scientific collaboration, public education, and the arts.
20% of the price supports The Unreliable Bestiary performances.

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