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Documentation of the 2009 MONKEY performance. You should buy it.

MONKEY was the first show in The Unreliable Bestiary. We staged it in Urbana, Illinois’ Station Theater. Here’s a review … I did not pay the guy who wrote it. And my mom did not write the review.

How about this:

“Hey, what are you doing on Darwin’s 200th birthday?” “Oh, you mean Thursday February 12th, 2009?” “Yeah.” “Well, I’m going to the opening night of Deke Weaver’s new show at the Station Theatre.” “Did he do that hockey show last winter?” “Yeah, The Crimes & Confessions of Kip Knutzen: A Hockey Way of Knowledge. His new show is called MONKEY.” “No way! MONKEY!? On Darwin’s birthday? Seriously? What’s it about?” “Good question. I don’t know. I’ve heard it’s sort of like, I don’t know … a parable? A modern-day fairy tale? A legend? A folk story? An oddly comforting fable? Maybe you could say it’s Paul Bunyan meets The Ramayana meets King Kong meets The Sopranos.” “Oh my god! That’s incredible! I’ve always wanted to see a show where Paul Bunyan meets The Ramayana meets King Kong meets The Sopranos. I love The Ramayana! Would you say this new show is a funny yet serious meditation on humans, nature, human nature, and hope?” “Yes, I might say that. But I might also say it’s a philosophical mystery or …” “Or – how about this – maybe this piece is about wanting to make a difference? You know? Like it’s born from the desire to be a clear force of Good in a complicated world mired in compromise.” “Not bad. Is there a woman of epic proportions and curious video segments?” “Why … I believe there is.” “Is there an army of magic monkeys and mesmerizing movement by Jennifer Allen?” “My gracious, how did you know?” “Is there a salesman from Brooklyn who calls ’em like he sees ’em, brilliant lighting by David Swinford and a stupendously delightful set designed by Andy Warfel?” “Yes! Most assuredly, yes! WHO ARE YOU?! HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS?!” “I KNOW THEM BECAUSE I AM DEKE WEAVER. EVOLVE WITH ME!”

Actually, I’m not even sure that’s such a great description.


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