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This is the first book of this life-long project. It’s 148 pages. It’s gorgeous. And there are ONLY 100 OF THEM in the whole wide world! The Bestiary books are translations of the performance. So, yeah, it’s got the script and stage directions, but it’s also filled with photographs by Valerie Oliveiro, drawings by Andy Warfel and me, stills from the videos used in the show, scans from journals and early notions of what the show could be. It’s the size of a field-guide – a sweet little handheld 5″ x 6.5″. OH! The MONKEY book includes my story “A Small Leashed Monkey.” This piece is the anchor to my solo performance Other Animals.

I wanted the book’s production to be green, so I checked out Eric Benson’s Re-Nourish site to find a semi-local printer working with recycled paper and waterbased/non-toxic inks. I worked with the good folks at Yorke. They were great. Thank you Tom Pinkawa!


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