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O.k., for a while in 2009 I was making an elephant journal – a drawing a day with commentary. This particular drawing’s text reads “November 12, 2009 If I was an elephant I would be wily, hanging out in the trees just off the side of the road, and we would ambush the truck of pineapples and who gives a shit if we haven’t written symphonies or put an elephant on the moon?”

True story: I read about a gang of elephants in Thailand: pineapple trucks would drive to market, an elephant would block the road, stopping the pineapple truck – and then a bunch of other elephants would dash in from the forest and raid the truck, stealing the pineapples. This happened more than once.

So I worked with with Molly Briggs and Walter Wilson to make a beautiful limited edition print from the drawing. There are a total of 20 prints in the edition, 15 remain in my secret vault waiting for a nice home. If you’d like to see a higher resolution image of the print, let me know – deke at unreliablebestiary dot com.

The image itself is roughly 6.5″ x 5″ on a 11″ x 14″ sheet.
The print is unframed.


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