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ELEPHANT Poster 04c

O.k., so I made a bunch of posters for ELEPHANT. Folks on the team chipped in tag lines. Chris Peck came up with Less Bunk, More Trunk. We started putting them up a month or so before the Beeg Eeevent. Every week or so the fabulous Anna Peters would troll around Urbana-Champaign and post a new poster. The July streets were hot and vacant. Where were the students? They were far away. They were sleeping in air conditioned homes in another land. Anna did this in an official capacity. Thank you Anna. As the mysterious posters filled the hot streets, the non-students wondered, “Oh. What is this? What should I do? Where should I go? Who am I? I am so very curious. I will wait to see what a new day brings.” This poster had all the info. All the info you would ever need on a hot and dusty August day when the sleepy students had returned to the land of Urbana and Champaign.

It’s a good sign when people steal the posters. Can you steal a poster on Facebook? Probably not. Oh Facebook. What a dark yet bright storminess. The people staring at their palms. Mighty Facebook. Mighty Twitter. Tweeting. And this way you can Stay Connected to Your Friends and Followers.

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