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In September 2013, we're putting up WOLF, the third performance in my life-long project, The Unreliable Bestiary. After leaving Urbana-Champaign on a park-ranger-guided bus trip to Allerton (a forested park near the farm town Monticello, Illinois), the audience will be led over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house: a barn filled with video, dance, music, and stories that pull some of the threads together. WOLF will sink its teeth into the history, science and myth of this remarkable creature, while putting a domestic finger on the pulse of our uneasy relationship with the wild. The show - bus trip included - will last about 3 hours and will include walking outside in the woods. Is this show appropriate for children? See below.

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The WOLF performance is not designed for children, but it's probably appropriate for 4th grade and up. Of course it depends on the kid and the parent. There is video footage of wolves eating a deer, but it's probably not as bad as what you might see on a TV nature documentary. The show includes some coarse language, loud sounds/music and - barring an emergency - once you get on the bus you won't be able to leave until you're returned 3 hours later.

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In late May 2011 I went out to Yellowstone National Park and took a workshop called "Behind the Scenes of Wolf Management." Here's an audio clip of our instructor Jon Trapp doing a wolf howl (it's very specific, and - how about this: it's illegal to howl in a national park - so Jon was howling behind closed doors).

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Yellowstone Association: The Institute - http://www.yellowstoneassociation.org/institute/
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More links here.

WOLF: The Third Performance in
Deke Weaver's The Unreliable Bestiary

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Buses depart at 6:15pm
Thurs-Mon September 12-16, 2013

5 nights only.
Last show on Monday September 16.

500 South Goodwin Avenue Urbana, Illinois

Free but limited seating. To reserve seats, see the Rangers near the buses in front of the Krannert Center. Tickets available at 5:30pm each day on a first-come-first-served basis. Dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes for walking on dirt trails in the woods. Buses return to Krannert Center about 9:30pm.

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Huge thanks to these amazing supporters:
-The Illinois Arts Council
-The College of Fine and Applied Arts
-The Center for Advanced Study
-Creative Capital
-The Campus Research Board
-Isle Royale National Park
-Friends, Family, Magnificently Refined Individuals

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