Documentation of the 2013 WOLF performance was shot by Shatterglass Studios with a platoon of cameras over a couple of nights. These folks do some beautiful work. You should buy it.

Yeah, I know, it's not going to be anything like the real thing. This is true. But there are some things in the video that an individual walking through the LIVE show wouldn't have seen. The real WOLF put people on a bus for a half hour, then walked them through the woods as the sun went down WHILE REAL LIVE WOLVES PATROLLED THE PERIMETER. Well, not really. A DVD is different than the live event. Even so, there's a lot of ideas and stories and images and video that will give you a taste of the live. Mmmmm, delicious live. See, just look at Jennifer Allen staring at Jessica Cornish. Mmmm delicious deer, said the wolf.